engage-croppedENGAGE! is politics for the rest of us. I write about current events and political subjects in a way you can understand. No political correctness here.

I chose the name ENGAGE! for this category because—I admit it—I’m a big fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation. The show was the second in a parade of spinoffs.  Captain Picard was everything Captain Kirk was not. Kirk was often juvenile; Picard was the epitome of cultured maturity and dynamic leadership.

Captain Picard’s leadership was the ingredient of his character that made others willing to go “where no one has gone before.” His leadership was all about integrity. Integrity is often the missing ingredient in our world today, especially in politics.

I encourage you—especially if you are a Christ follower—to understand and grasp your world.  Engage with people and issues. Go where you haven’t gone before. And take your integrity with you.

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Is Newer & Bigger Always Better?

My dream

I have a dream and a passion. The dream is that we in America would return to the ideas and principles of our country’s beginning.

“Wait! Do you actually want to go backwards? It’s the 21st century! What about progress? What’s in those old ideas and documents that’s so important today?” Read more

Tashfeen Malik & Syed Farook gave us reasons to engage

Why You Need to Engage Now


Captain Jean-Luc Picard
Captain Jean-Luc Picard on the bridge

I always liked how Captain Picard of the Enterprise would order, “Engage!” That command meant heading out immediately to explore new worlds. To engage new worlds was one of the reasons the Enterprise crew lived and breathed and signed on for duty. Read more