Lane Schneider

I’m glad you’ve come to my website.  I write about life, politics and faith. I’m passionate about encouraging you to engage with the people in your world.

What you’ll find here

Three categories on my blog. Use the navigation link in the blue header bar.


I write about current events and political subjects in this category. I explain topics in a way that’s easy to understand. I encourage everyone — especially Christ followers — to engage in politics at whatever level fits. I may suggest actions to go with your Christian convictions. No political correctness here.


This category is about the message we convey to others in our world. It’s about everything that makes up our message — words, personality, habits, practices, appearance and voice — things other people experience whenever they observe or engage with us.


This category contains topics relevant to the Christian life. That covers a lot of ground, ranging from simple devotionals to social, cultural and political topics that matter to followers of Jesus.

In addition:

  • Summaries of political ideas, concepts & movements
  • Summaries of helpful books or articles
  • Links to other resources to help you engage or develop your message
  • Encouragement for your quest to be salt & light in your community

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